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Thank you for your interest in the Coronado Chabad Jewish Community Center, where every Jew is family.

Chabad of Coronado undertakes a very large expense in putting together the beautiful High Holiday experience at the Hotel Del Coronado while trying to make it affordable to everyone. Whether it is the no-cost for services or kids programs we do believe in creating a warm atmosphere for all to pray without having to 'pray to pay'. We do offer special 5-star Holiday Community meals and the costs add up which we are grateful for all those who assist and partner with us to allow us to continue to put this together as well as all of the offerings Chabad of Coronado facilitates throughout the year. Chabad of Coronado appeals to all who wish to feel a sense of community and belonging. A warm, friendly and accepting environment providing every family with a unique and traditional Jewish experience. 

And you can help it grow even further.

Chabad of Coronado encourages community participation to ensure its continuation. By becoming a partner with Chabad you will be part of this important endeavor.

Learn more about our approach and special programming by experiencing our warm and welcoming  environment. Visit our center for prayer services that are uplifting and meaningful, and classes that are relevant, inspirational and varied. I am confident that you will feel comfortable and inspired, regardless of your level of background and the program you choose to join.

We look forward to celebrating together with you in the near future.

Best wishes for continued success,

Rabbi Eli Fradkin 


We thank you for your generosity and vision in helping us help others and provide this wonderful experience for the community.


$50,000 High Holiday Co-Sponsor

$36,000 High Holiday Partner

$18,000 Diamond Sponsor

$10,000 Gold Sponsor

$5,000 Silver Sponsorship

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor High Holiday
                   Kids Programs

$500 - Co-Sponsor Tashlich Service
                September 30th

$40 - Sponsor Taalit/s

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashannah
                  Dinner - September 29th

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashanah                             Kiddush/Lunch - September 30th

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashanah
                  Dinner - September 30th

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashanah
                   Kiddush/Lunch - October 1st

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Yom Kippur
                   Break-fast - October 9th

$36 - Sponsor Prayer Book

Click here to add the name of a loved one to our Yizkor Booklet 

Thank you for your generous sponsorship.

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* All contributions are tax deductible.