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Experience a memorable High Holidays at the Hotel Del Coronado for services and meals. We are delighted to announce that we will be in the main ballroom this year overlooking the Pacific Ocean with 5 star dining catered by Danzinger caterers. The cantor will be joining us, setting up our prayers with song and pride. In addition, always enjoyable are the wonderful kids room, Tashlich prayer on the beach as well as the fun candy room to ensure it is indeed a sweet year.

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Sunday, September 29th Tuesday, October 1st


Monday, September 30th

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Tuesday, October 8th Wednesday, October 9th
Meal Reservations

Please join family and friends for our High Holiday Community Dinners and lunches on Sunday, September 29th, 30th and October 1st following services.

Enjoy a sweet start to the new year with a delicious catered meal.

All meals are $95/adult | $45/child.
Chabad of Coronado is subsidizing the cost for our local members,
lowering the price to $45/adult | $36/child per meal. We are doing this to help accommodate everyone. We appreciate your understanding.  

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  Sunday Dinner
  Monday Lunch
  Monday Dinner
  Tuesday Lunch
  Yom Kippur Breakfast


 Discount for room reservations at the Hotel Del Coronado
are given over the phone when using code: "CATR".


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We thank you for your generosity and vision in helping us help others and provide this wonderful experience for the community.


$50,000 High Holiday Co-Sponsor

$36,000 High Holiday Partner

$18,000 Diamond Sponsor

$10,000 Gold Sponsor

$5,000 Silver Sponsorship

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor High Holiday
                   Kids Programs

$500 - Co-Sponsor Tashlich Service
                September 30th

$40 - Sponsor Taalit/s

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashanah
                  Dinner - September 29th

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashanah                             Kiddush/Lunch - September 30th

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashanah
                  Dinner - September 30th

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Rosh Hashanah
                   Kiddush/Lunch - October 1st

$1,800 - Co-Sponsor Yom Kippur
                   Break-fast - October 9th

$36 - Sponsor Prayer Book

Click here to add the name of a loved one to our Yizkor Booklet 

Thank you for your generous sponsorship.

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