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Dear Friends,

Yom Kippur, which includes the annual Yizkor service, will soon be upon us. The Yizkor prayers are said in the Synagogue around the world on Yom Kippur. In these prayers we ask G‑d to 'remember' the souls of family and friends who have passed away. This time of year also provides us with a special opportunity to connect with our loved ones.

Memory is especially powerful when the past can be an inspiration. When we remember them in our physical life, their life is not just a passive memory, but becomes active and their light eternal. For those who have passed on, they merit the continuous impact in both the physical world and the spiritual world-to-come.

For this reason part of the Yizkor service includes a pledge to tzedakah, charity, a mitzvah done on behalf of the deceased's soul. Another mitzvah is reviving Jewish activity, which our tradition teaches brings spiritual benefits to the souls in whose merit the Torah is studied.

With this in mind, we have created a Yartzeit Memorial Board including the names of our loved ones. Each name will be engraved on a plaque included for $360 and will be used to support Jewish activities in Coronado. You create a double mitzvah – tzedakah and Jewish life – on behalf of your loved ones.

We will mention every name in the Yartzeit Board as a part of the Keil Malei prayer at the Yizkor service on Yom Kippur. To participate, please click here.

Thank you,

Rabbi Eli Fradkin