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We announced by the Summer Bash and are grateful that a generous donor offered to match dollar-for-dollar all donations at the Summer Bash of $100,000. So many of you have stepped up and have given generously and for that we are grateful for helping get to this milestone. As a result, the donor has just reached out to us and has increased his match up to $150,000! We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and would like to maximize the moment. This is truly a time when your partnership and generosity is double the value which gets double the reach: literally. 

As we enter the High Holiday season and all the wonderful activities that comes with it, we are preparing what looks to be a beautiful High Holiday atmosphere here in Coronado which will take place in the Hotel Del Coronado. We would like to personally invite you to all of the services, meals and celebrations. 

We thank you in advance for your time, caring and generosity in ensuring a strong Jewish presence in Coronado. May this year indeed be a year of good health, happiness and sweetness for you and your entire family. We look forward to starting it off on a strong foot!



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