Gifts to the Needy 

“…whoever is hungry, let them come in and eat…”
- The Passover Haggada

Dear Friend,
It is certainly at times like this that we are called upon to step out a bit from behind our own worries and troubles to help those facing far more difficult circumstances than our own.
It is axiomatic that showing kindness to others attracts kindness in our own lives. In merit of your generosity and compassion in bringing the joy of Passover to others, may you and yours be blessed with a very healthy and joyous holiday!
Help us help others by making a contribution below.
Note: Our Community Passover Seder is on Friday, April 19th. We would be honored to have you.
Sincerely Yours, 

Rabbi Eli Fradkin 
Director, Chabad of Coronado

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