Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking interest in your partnership at Chabad of Coronado, where every Jew is family!

We believe in an open-door policy where every one is welcome. Each of us has our unique background and our specific story. We all provide our unique flavor and in doing so together we make up a beautiful symphony. Thanks to the talents and qualities each of us share Chabad of Coronado is a haven for all. In this vain, we have been created a synagogue and community where you and I, each of us together, can feel a sense of true belonging! That’s because warmth, friendship and acceptance for all, are our most basic ingredients. I am confident that together we can make each others lives richer, more meaningful, happier and more enjoyable. 

You’ll find services that are uplifting and meaningful, plus classes that are relevant, inspirational and topical. You will also enjoy our unique combination of cherished traditional values and contemporary ideas that successfully meet the needs of todays Jewish families.

I am certain that you will be able to feel comfortable and inspired, no matter your level of observance. This, plus an emphasis on congregational participation are some of the reasons we like where we are heading.

We are conveniently located in the prime center of Coronado across the street from the Hotel Del steps in front of the Pacific Ocean, and have a dynamic, friendly and energetic group. We don't have a membership price in order to attend, but this partnership serves as a avenue for which individuals and families can help allow Chabad of Coronado to facilitate its activities and programs. 

We take this time to wish you and the entire greater Coronado Jewish community a year blessed with good health, happiness and Mazal. If you have further questions or if you’d like to arrange a time to meet, please contact the office at 619.365.4728.

Best wishes and thank you for always caring,

Rabbi Eli Fradkin

We welcome you into our community!

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Programs & Events

Amongst the numerous programs and activities provided by Chabad of Coronado, by being a partner it enables you to special lower rates for the High Holidays. This is in addition to a wide variety of programs offered throughout the year.

Please select any programs you are interested in or would like more information about.

Adult Education Minyan  
Holiday Programs Shabbat Services  
Women's Circle Children's Hebrew School  
Mommy & Me Community Service  

Partnership Opportunities

In our effort to be inclusive for people of all income levels, Partnership Opportunities have been designed within a wide range. However, if you are capable, please consider participating at a higher level. This will allow us to cover our expenses and continue to expand our programs, services and long term goals.

All Partnership gifts can be made in one installment or in 12 monthly installments. Please check the option of your choice. Nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Founder's Partnership $21,600 $1,800 Monthly
Gold Partnership $12,000 Annually $1,000 Monthly
Silver Partnership $6,480 Annually $540 Monthly
Chai Partnership $4,320 Annually $360 Monthly
Family Partnership $1,500 Annually $125 Monthly
Single Partnership $864 Annually $72 Monthly

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